You can use them in your personal and your commercial projects.
There is no need to credit me unless you offer them 'As Is' for download on another website and in that case please just link back to this website. 

Downloading Texture Sets....Most Sets will have a Download Link

Individual Textures....To download Full Resolution Texture,
Right click on the Texture and open in New Tab 
Then Right click on Texture in the new tab and "Save As."

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Enjoy! Be Creative.

Grunge Textures  

  •  Color Grunge, Solid Grunge, Aurora, Essence and many more)

Bokeh Textures

  • REAL Bokeh, Glitter and Light Textures

Canvas Textures

  • REAL Canvas and Sprayed

Wood Textures

  • Colored Wood Fencing, Flooring and More

Glass Textures

  • Luminosity, Broken, Cracked and More

Paper Textures

  • Vintage, Vintage Childhood and More

Stone Textures

  • Renaissance, Concrete, Playground and More

Assorted Textures

  • Utility, Lace, Color Drops, Nature, White Cat and More

Composite Textures

  • Floral Composite, Sunshine and More

Patterns & Textures

  • Mostly Sets, Solids with Patterns separate

Holiday Textures

  • Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day


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